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Tech Talk, December 2014: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

You check your email and find an odd-looking message1 from one of your friends. You read it, and it’s asking you to go to some strange web site2 or open an attachment. Hopefully, red flags go up at this point — you’re pretty certain your friend didn’t send this. To be safe, you ask him, and he has no idea what you’re talking about. He checks his “sent” folder, and there’s no sign of an email like that ever having been sent. Has his account been hacked? Probably not.

Tech Talk: The Cloud

In this inaugural edition of Tech Talk, I’ll be talking about clouds. (When the topic was first suggested, I thought, “no problem.” I had no idea that I’d write 1600 words about it. But here we are. I’m sure you’ll love each and every one of these 1600 words, too!)

I was going to go with the obvious joke1, and open with a definition of clouds, the kind you find in the sky. It turns out, scientists are somewhat murky on the details of what exactly constitutes a cloud. Who knew?

Much like meteorology’s clouds, defining a cloud when it comes to technology can be equally, well, cloudy2.

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