Technology is a Gift

Today, I have a gift for everyone: technology.

Like a Hallmark card, it sounds trite, even though the sentiment is valid.

We live in a time that lets us do things that were previously unimaginable, or at the very least, unattainable. We just have to take advantage of what’s available to us.

And technology isn’t just about what it makes possible — although that’s great, too — but about what it makes easier and more practical.

Upgrading your VHS tapes to DVDs and Blu-rays isn’t what it’s about1.

Completing a task with a technology-related method instead of a Luddite approach is one step. Yes, replace your old transparencies with a PowerPoint or Prezi. But if you stop there, you’re missing out.

Nearly every industry and facet of our lives has been transformed by technology to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable2. But to a large degree, a visiting time traveler3 would be hard pressed to tell if they’re in a classroom from 1974, 1994, or 2014.

In the end, it’s about transformation. What are you doing with technology that would otherwise be unfeasible4 or outright impossible?

We’ve been given a gift5. Let’s use it. And if you find something amazing, share it. Don’t feel bad if others don’t share your enthusiasm6. Different things evoke different reactions in everyone. I know that many times I’ve excitedly told someone about a new app or web site or piece of technology, only to be greeted by indifference. But then I mention it to someone else, and to them, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread7.

Keep an open mind, and see what slice8 of technology you can use. Share it with others. Revamp, refine, and redefine your classroom. Technology is a gift — unwrap it.

Take a peek at this week’s infographic:   Check back next week for the thrilling9 conclusion of Technology Month 2014, and find out why, even on Halloween, you shouldn’t be afraid!


1 But please, feel free to do so.
2 In a positive way.
3 Keep track of how many emails you receive this year that mention time travel. Report back to me for my informal survey.
5 Whether you want it or not!
6 Some people like fruit cake. Some people don’t. It’s no different with technology.
7 Maybe I just don’t eat enough sandwiches for this to even sound impressive, but I think it’s time for an updated reference here. Best thing since ______?
8 Like bread. Get it? hahaha .. haha.. ha.
9 Whether the content is thrilling or you’ll just be thrilled that it’s over is up for interpretation

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