Be Not Afraid

Back in the 90s, I had a hard time convincing some people1 that there wasn’t some special button or combination of keystrokes that would cause them to lose everything on the computer. Times have changed. Or have they? I still see a lot of fear. I see people who are afraid to try something for… Continue reading Be Not Afraid

Technology is a Gift

Today, I have a gift for everyone: technology. Like a Hallmark card, it sounds trite, even though the sentiment is valid. We live in a time that lets us do things that were previously unimaginable, or at the very least, unattainable. We just have to take advantage of what’s available to us. And technology isn’t… Continue reading Technology is a Gift

I’m a Failure

When it comes to technology, I’m a failure1. It’s true. And I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m proud of it. Many people assume that because I work with technology on a daily basis, that I know everything about everything. I don’t. Not even close2. So if you ask me, “How do I use this… Continue reading I’m a Failure

Marriage Doesn’t Work

So I got on my BlackBerry yesterday and checked my MySpace account, and… wait. Sorry, I forgot this is 2014. BlackBerry and MySpace are still around, but they’re now mere footnotes1 in the brief history of tech fads. There is no way of telling how long a certain web site or app will be around,… Continue reading Marriage Doesn’t Work

Technology is a Fad

Technology in education is a fad. It’ll pass. I hear that a lot. And it’s true that technology in education is a fad. Everyone wants to get a piece of the tech-ed pie, from Google to Microsoft to a million other companies and tech startups. Technology in education is the topic du jour1, and not… Continue reading Technology is a Fad